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Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey all!

Tuesday through Thursday last week, I was in Osijek on an exchange! It's a cute little college town about 3 hours from Zagreb. Annnnnd guess who I was with! 

Sister Lee (again)! Funny how things work out. Osijek was a blast. We got 2 less actives members to commit to coming to church, and I found out yesterday that they came! Then when I got back to Zagreb it was crazy as usual. We spent a lot of time doing incredibly important things that didn't give us much time to go find people who want to learn about our church, though, so it was a strange weekend. We did, however, have a really great lesson with a man that the sisters found here while I was in Osijek, and he wants to bring his girlfriend to learn more next time! Hopefully we will meet with him on Wednesday. We are way excited! 

Also, today and tomorrow is once again Mission Leadership Council, where the leaders from our 5 different zones come together and talk about Very Important Things. Also, we will be playing basketball beforehand. That's a good thing because MLC is wonderful, but it involves an inordinate amount of sitting, and anyone with an attention span like mine gets to fidgeting during the meeting. I can't wait though!

What else.... Nothing! I won't bore you any longer! Get out there and do stuff!

Fraza dana:
Šta se radi? (shtah say rah-dee) - Just one of the many ways of saying "what's up?" or "how's it going?"


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