Called to serve in the Adriatic North Mission.

Monday, March 23, 2015

We visited an international junk food store while in Zagreb
that weekend, and I bought Reese's. If you ever send me 
American candy, 90% of it can definitely be Reese's.

Surprise! I went to Osijek for the weekend!

Osijek is a city clear on the other side of Croatia, which was Sister Derenthal's first area. We went because she had to pick up her visa that got delivered there, but also because one of the investigators she used to teach got baptized!! President Grant sometimes lets missionaries go back to their former areas for baptisms. It was sooooo good! Marko, the man who got baptized, is one of the most stellar converts I've ever seen. He was so excited to take this step in his life. It was a simple, beautiful ceremony, and everyone was so happy, and the Spirit was so strong. The gospel truly makes you a happier person, more than I can describe.

Less importantly, the drive there was 3.5 hours long, and we had to drive back to Karlovac right after the baptism at night, so we didn't get home until about 1:30 a.m. I have never stayed up even close to that late as a missionary. We were genuinely pooped. Also, as we entered Karlovac, I got pulled over and had to take a breathalyzer test. It wasn't even because I was driving terribly (promise! He didn't say anything about my driving), they just do random pullovers sometimes, I don't know why. Money? Anyway, I'm both embarrassed and strangely proud of that. How many missionaries can say that they got a breathalyzer test on their missions? Good times.

Also, this past week I was on an exchange with Sister Hertz. It was so great to catch up, since we hadn't really had the chance to talk since the MTC. It was awesome to see how much each other has grown and improved in the 4 months we've been in Croatia. She's a strong missionary and incredibly hilarious. Needless to say, we get along pretty extremely well.

Okay, good people! Fraza dana:
Tko te šiša? (tkoe tay sheeshah) -- "Who cuts your hair?" This is an insult in Croatian. It kind of means "who do you think you are?" But it can also be used among friends. It's not severe.

Love you all, stay classy!
Sestra Watts
Sister Derenthal (left) and I were reunited with fellow MTC-ite Sister Nydegger (center),
who's serving in Slovenia, at Mission Leadership Council a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 16, 2015


I guess I'll just jump right in.

Friday was the big highlight of the week, I suppose. We had zone conference here in Karlovac for the first half of the day, and then a branch activity for the other half! All in all we were in the church and only the church for about 11 hours straight on Friday. YIKES. 

Here's how it went down.

Zone conference was from 10:30 to 4:30, and we got there early to set up. The conference was fantastic. We talked a lot in the weeks leading up to it about preparing yourself to receive answers and insights to your questions spiritually during the conference, and I really saw that happen. If you don't have a spiritual experience at a meeting when the topics are focused on spiritual things, that is your own fault. We were all able to share our successes and our joy in this work together, and build each other up to get back out there and just do it Nike.

Then, immediately after the conference, since we were in charge of the activity at 6, we stayed to get ready for it. It was really great. The daughter of a really great member here came to teach us how to make burek, which is this really, really, good, but also really unhealthy, baked good here. It's basically flaky, greasy bread with stuff inside it, whether it be cheese and spinach, or meat and potatoes (personal favorite), or apples or something. You should probably google it. I've wanted to know how it's made ever since I got here, and Lana finally taught us how! It's a long process, but so worth it. I'll personally make it for each and every one of you when I get home if you want, but only if you share with me. I'm really bad at it right now, but I'll be an expert by the time I get home, I'm sure. Also, it was cool to spend time with Lana, who actually was baptized 12 years ago, but hasn't come to church since. She's just a little older than we are, so we got along great.

Burek Recipe
We have another lesson with the wonderful Dubravka tomorrow! I'm excited for that. And we'll be on an exchange at that time, meaning that from Tuesday to Thursday I'll be serving here in Karlovac with the lovely Sister Hertz, who also just happens to be from my MTC group, and whom I love a whole lot. I am way excited to serve with her. We'll try to get some work done ;) (just kidding, promise!)

Alright, good people, fraza dana time!
Burek je život (boo-wreck yay zhee-vote (the "ž" sound is that motor sound that is like a mix between a "sh" and a "j", like the s in "pleasure)) -- "Burek is life."

Have a great week! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Get ready people, because this past week was absolutely fantastic!
It starts on Monday afternoon in Zagreb. We played ultimate frisbee in the rain and t-shirts. That's really all there is to that story.
Then, the middle of the week passed by pretty unnotably. But it was good.
Then on Friday and Saturday, we were back in Zagreb for Mission Leadership Council. We talked about everything under the sun in relation to missionary work, and worked through some problems and had a really great time. It was so fun to see the other missionaries. I love when things like that happen.
THEN, on Saturday night, we met with a less active Antonija, who we have visited basically every week since I got here, and she still had yet to come to church, partly because of health but also partly because of personal unresolved reasons. But we invited her to come like normal, and she said she would try! And she DID! The sweet part is, though, that when we greeted her at church, she immediately asked if we had prayed for her that morning. We told her we had, and she said she knew it. She said she'd woken up early that morning and wasn't going to come to church, but then she had the feeling that the sisters were worrying and praying for her, and so she worked up the strength to come! We were so happy to see her. Another nice thing is that she offered to play the piano for the hymns, since she knows how, and so I didn't have to do it :) it's the little things.
Okay. And then just today, on our free day, we met with a woman named Dubravka. We met her on the street and shared a little bit, but we have been trying to really meet with her for a couple weeks now, and she asked to meet today. So we went over there and had the best lesson ever. She is going through so many challenges in her life, but we were able to share our testimonies of how we know that God is there and that He will help her. She repeatedly said that she was so happy that we came and that she feels so much better now about life, and then she asked if we would come back once a week at LEAST and talk with and teach her! We are so excited.
Okay. You all have a great week. This church is true!
Sister Watts

Monday, March 2, 2015

The pier in Rijeka. It was beautiful weather there! I only wore a sweater.
The mountains on the way to Rijeka

Hey all!

I don't have a whole ton of time this week to write, but what's new? Today, we're going to Zagreb! To play football! It was kind of a last minute thing, but the Rijeka sisters were planning on going up and we got jealous so we got permission to go too :) I am so excited. I haven't run around for fun in ages. On that note, Sister D and I definitely bought a basketball this morning, and the weather is getting nicer and we have a court right out back, so we will be doing a lot of that for morning exercise time, I'm sure. I can't WAIT. 

This past week was definitely good. We did our exchange with Rijeka, and so it was me and Sister Vukorepa in Karlovac for a couple days. We actually had the same trainer, so it was kind of a cool experience, and we did a lot of things pretty similarly because of it. Sister Vukorepa is really cool! It rained the whole time though, so that made working outside pretty difficult.

Also, surprise, I got a virus infection thing in my throat this past week. I had white spots all over my throat (I call them tonsil stones because apparently they secrete as little balls of gunk sometimes), and my tongue was just covered in nasty stuff and it hurt really bad. I'm sure you are enjoying this immensely. So anyway, the president's wife made us go up to Zagreb on Thursday for a doctor's appt, much to my disgust. Now I have this gel that I have to spread all over the inside of my mouth after each meal for TEN WHOLE DAYS. I hate it. Ugh.

Yesterday at church was fantastic. I love the members here so much. It was a really spiritual Sunday, with so many good testimonies said. And I got to translate into English for the senior missionary couple here! I love translating, and I don't get to do it enough. That was so fun, and also helped me focus 100% on what the people were saying, because if I don't focus 100% on people speaking Croatian, I miss it. Overall, just a really good day. The church is true!

Okay, fraza dana time!
Nemam vremena (nay-mahm vreh-meh-nah) -- I don't have time. (we get this a LOT)