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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hey! I don't have any time to write, since we were in ZADAR today (coast) and took a ferry to an island to hike a mountain to a castle. WOW! It was magnificent. But yeah. We're having an exchange this week (I'm taking Sis Yardley, a sister from my MTC group, back to Karlovac with me -- eek! 2 newbies together!), and decided to make the most of it.

So this week, you're getting a voice recording that we did last night. Enjoy! Maybe mom will transcribe it or something and stick it on the blog. Or just put this on the blog.

Merry Christmas, people! I love you all! The church is so true it's insane!

Sister Watts and her companion were going to Zadar on Monday the 22nd so they made a voice recording the day before instead of emailing, because they knew they wouldn't have time to email on their P-day. You can listen to it all here, or read some of the highlights and low lights of their past week that they talk about.

-They made sushi.
-Sister Watts saw an article in the Liahona on a family she met while she was in Sweden two summers ago.
-One of their investigators that had a baptismal date set is not talking with them any more.
-They gave the people that helped them with their Visas Christmas presents and a Book of Mormon.
-They also gave a Book of Mormon to a lady that works in the insurance office, and she said she would read it.
-Toma, someone that came to their English class, went to their branch Christmas party and to all of church on Sunday and had a lesson right after church.
-They had Mission conference on Friday and met up with people from the MTC.
-Friday night they went to follow up with some potential investigators on the eighth floor of a building, but they didn't answer. Then they were stuck up there because the stairwell door was locked and both the elevators weren't working.
-She and her companion sang two songs in Croatian at their branch Christmas party on Saturday.
-They introduced sugar cookies to some of the Croatian kids at the Christmas party.

Sretan Božić! Merry Christmas!

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