Called to serve in the Adriatic North Mission.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey! The sun came out in Karlovac! Also, it has been 40s and 50s all week, and it will be this coming week too. I am in heaven. I would like a white Christmas, but I won't complain either way. 

This week. Was. Crazy. First off, the exchange in Rijeka was wonderful. The sea is nice, and I gained so much insight on how other people do the work. All four of us sisters involved in the exchange felt like it was amazingly rewarding. I needed it, for reasons I don't really know yet. It just made me more excited about the work. We had a really great meeting while I was there with the rest of the district, and the elders gave a fantastic lesson on faith. I can't even describe it to you, it was so intense. We all were inspired to be better people and rely more on the Lord after that. That's what being out here is all about, after all. I have no right to complain or to doubt my reason for being here. God put me here, and that means that there is something here in Karlovac, Croatia, that I need to do. 

Next crazy thing: while I was in Rijeka, the sisters here in Karlovac found a woman, Nena, who had met with the missionaries several years ago maybe once or twice, but nothing had happened since. She agreed to meet with them, but didn't show up to the meeting place. The sisters left, but then shortly after she called and had come after all! Apparently, something inside her told her to go to the meeting, even though she had guests over. Guess what that prompting was :)

Anyway, so they taught her on Tuesday, and asked her if she would pray and read the Book of Mormon to find out if it was true. And then, they asked her that if she did find out it was true, would she be baptized. And she said yes! And then when I came back we taught her her second lesson, and we asked if she would continue preparing and learning about the church, and if she was ready, would she be baptized on January 24th, and she said yes! So that's crazy. We're teaching her again tonight.

Then, on Friday, we were out contacting (talking to people on the streets), and a woman called and said she was in Karlovac for two hours and she wanted to meet with us. This was a woman we had tried to get in touch with before, but she was always busy. So we met, and she is wonderful! She is a strong believer in God and Jesus Christ, and she also wants to continue to learn more. We are very excited about Kristina.

So basically, Friday was a crazy day. We had 4 lessons. We were just running all over town! It was wonderful. Also, an elder in our district got bit when petting a stray cat, and had to go to the hospital in Zagreb to get checked for rabies! Then our mission president sent out an email telling us to not pet stray animals. Hmm... we thought the whole thing was hilarious, of course.

Also, my trainer and I discovered that we got asked out by the same guy at BYU. We spent a good solid 5 minutes freaking out about that. The Mormon world is small, and funny. 

Hey! Y'all are great! Stay awesome. Get involved. Serve people. All you LDS people, help the missionaries out. We need you desperately. This work is nothing without you. 

Fraza dana:
blebetati -- (bleh-beh-tah-tee) 'To chatter' -- Recent favorite word of ours, since since it literally sounds like you're blabbering when you say it.

Love you all! 
Sestra Watts

This is from a relief society activity we had. The two boys you see are both named Mihael, and are 2 thirds of the youth in our branch. Also, I made that hat I'm wearing! I couldn't be more proud.

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