Called to serve in the Adriatic North Mission.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Okay, good people! Transfers were posted last Thursday. The jig is up! I found out where the Lord wants me for the next 9 weeks. Guess where: here in Banja Luka still! No surprise there. I will, however, again be a Sister Training Leader, hence the "fire pot" comment coined by our dear President Grant.

My new companion will be Sister Vukorepa. I know her pretty well, and she seems to be one groovy sister. She finishes in 9 weeks, too, so it looks like this will be my second time shipping off a home-bound sister missionary. I said a tragic goodbye to Sister Marlow this morning (she will be missed), and now I am spending the day with Sister Lee from Sarajevo until Sister Vukorepa arrives in BL tomorrow morning. Yay! We have fun. 

In other news, we had three investigators at church yesterday, and while the meeting could have gone a LOT smoother, it was cool to hear as one of them talked about how much of a miracle it was that he'd met our elders. Apparently he had been really depressed one day when he ran into them on the street, and they helped him to realize that maybe God really was looking out for him. It was pretty cool.

I know there are other interesting things that happened to us this week, but sometimes when I sit in front of the computer to write them down, my brain stops working. Just goes to show that too much technology fries your brain. Remember that, kids!

Alright, I'm done. I hope your week is spectacular.

It's almost Christmas!

Sestra Watts

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