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Monday, February 16, 2015

Good morning, America!

This week was a blast. It went by pretty quickly, too. Tuesday was another Zone Conference, held in Rijeka! That's the other coastal town. It was beautiful. We talked a lot about being bold and direct and making sure that people know that we are missionaries for Jesus Christ, and that we don't mess around. It was really good. I think a lot of us needed that reminder. Sometimes we get really focused on not offending people that we don't realize that we could be missing finding the people who will listen and love our message because we weren't open enough with them.

Also, we set up a hot chocolate stand for a few hours on Friday and Saturday to advertise for our free English classes, and we found out that Croatians are crazy. We were in the dead center of town, with really busy foot traffic, and hardly anyone cared about our FREE hot chocolate or our FREE English classes. In America, and especially at BYU, if you say the word free, people will trample themselves trying to get to your table. Still, we talked to a lot of people that day about English and even some about the gospel, so I'd call it a success. Plus, I drank a lot of hot chocolate. Bonus.

This week we also had a lesson with a man who has met with the missionaries a lot in the past. Like, off and on for several years. He is very acquainted with the church, and he loves it, but for some reason he is hesitant to commit himself to it. Our meeting was actually arranged by him, though, which was cool. And he said that he is determined to follow the teachings of the church now, and that he is set on reading his Book of Mormon and praying every day. We're pretty excited. We think this might actually be his time. 

And now for yet ANOTHER crazy story.

On Friday night, we were walking home from knocking door to door, when we noticed this man several meters ahead of us just collapse onto the snowy sidewalk. We rushed up to see what was wrong, and found him moaning and muttering things we didn't understand. He noticed us, and I guess he knew we were from America because he started to speak English. We helped him up with the help of two men who had been walking by, and he walked a few steps. Then he began to climb the short wall separating the sidewalk from the highway! He almost made it onto the street before I yelled at him to stop. He did. So then we told him we were going to go home now, and that he should do the same. He just kept telling us not to leave, but we were getting the creeps, since we were now alone on the sidewalk and it was almost 9:00. So we walked away. We got about 50 meters away when we turned and saw that he had succeeding in climbing the wall and was now doing this horrific zombie walk (arms outstretched and everything) all over the highway! It's a good thing there were only a few cars out, and they saw him enough ahead of time to avoid hitting him. That's when I called the Emergency Help line. Long story short, after a 10 minute phone convo, it was determined that Emergency Help was not going to do anything about the situation. At this point, the man was back on the sidewalk and making good time walking away from us, so we headed home. 

What a day.

Okay! This has been another installment from the life of Sister Watts!

Now for the fraza dana:
Za babino brašno (zah bah-bee-noe brah-shnoe) -- Literally, "for granny's flour." It's what kids say when people say "Zašto?" (why?) because it rhymes. Basically, it means nothing. It's like when people ask why and you just say because. 

Have a good week!
Sestra Watts

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