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Monday, March 2, 2015

The pier in Rijeka. It was beautiful weather there! I only wore a sweater.
The mountains on the way to Rijeka

Hey all!

I don't have a whole ton of time this week to write, but what's new? Today, we're going to Zagreb! To play football! It was kind of a last minute thing, but the Rijeka sisters were planning on going up and we got jealous so we got permission to go too :) I am so excited. I haven't run around for fun in ages. On that note, Sister D and I definitely bought a basketball this morning, and the weather is getting nicer and we have a court right out back, so we will be doing a lot of that for morning exercise time, I'm sure. I can't WAIT. 

This past week was definitely good. We did our exchange with Rijeka, and so it was me and Sister Vukorepa in Karlovac for a couple days. We actually had the same trainer, so it was kind of a cool experience, and we did a lot of things pretty similarly because of it. Sister Vukorepa is really cool! It rained the whole time though, so that made working outside pretty difficult.

Also, surprise, I got a virus infection thing in my throat this past week. I had white spots all over my throat (I call them tonsil stones because apparently they secrete as little balls of gunk sometimes), and my tongue was just covered in nasty stuff and it hurt really bad. I'm sure you are enjoying this immensely. So anyway, the president's wife made us go up to Zagreb on Thursday for a doctor's appt, much to my disgust. Now I have this gel that I have to spread all over the inside of my mouth after each meal for TEN WHOLE DAYS. I hate it. Ugh.

Yesterday at church was fantastic. I love the members here so much. It was a really spiritual Sunday, with so many good testimonies said. And I got to translate into English for the senior missionary couple here! I love translating, and I don't get to do it enough. That was so fun, and also helped me focus 100% on what the people were saying, because if I don't focus 100% on people speaking Croatian, I miss it. Overall, just a really good day. The church is true!

Okay, fraza dana time!
Nemam vremena (nay-mahm vreh-meh-nah) -- I don't have time. (we get this a LOT)

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