Called to serve in the Adriatic North Mission.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Get ready people, because this past week was absolutely fantastic!
It starts on Monday afternoon in Zagreb. We played ultimate frisbee in the rain and t-shirts. That's really all there is to that story.
Then, the middle of the week passed by pretty unnotably. But it was good.
Then on Friday and Saturday, we were back in Zagreb for Mission Leadership Council. We talked about everything under the sun in relation to missionary work, and worked through some problems and had a really great time. It was so fun to see the other missionaries. I love when things like that happen.
THEN, on Saturday night, we met with a less active Antonija, who we have visited basically every week since I got here, and she still had yet to come to church, partly because of health but also partly because of personal unresolved reasons. But we invited her to come like normal, and she said she would try! And she DID! The sweet part is, though, that when we greeted her at church, she immediately asked if we had prayed for her that morning. We told her we had, and she said she knew it. She said she'd woken up early that morning and wasn't going to come to church, but then she had the feeling that the sisters were worrying and praying for her, and so she worked up the strength to come! We were so happy to see her. Another nice thing is that she offered to play the piano for the hymns, since she knows how, and so I didn't have to do it :) it's the little things.
Okay. And then just today, on our free day, we met with a woman named Dubravka. We met her on the street and shared a little bit, but we have been trying to really meet with her for a couple weeks now, and she asked to meet today. So we went over there and had the best lesson ever. She is going through so many challenges in her life, but we were able to share our testimonies of how we know that God is there and that He will help her. She repeatedly said that she was so happy that we came and that she feels so much better now about life, and then she asked if we would come back once a week at LEAST and talk with and teach her! We are so excited.
Okay. You all have a great week. This church is true!
Sister Watts

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